Sunday 13 February 2011

Saturday 12th February - What a Turn Out!

A  bright sunny day and a gang of 13 stalwarts turn up today, including a new recruit (welcome Vic) and with a sense of Spring around the corner everyone seemed supercharged! Even the bacon butty run was missed - my fault I'm afraid.

The cement mixer was churning away once more as the the construction crew set about laying the top courses of bricks in readiness for the slabs to be layed. (thanks to Steve Long for coming along to sort out the intermittent fault on the cement mixer)

Down at Childswickham Road John S John B and Dave B cemented in the car park gateposts (digging 3 ft deep post holes raises a sweat!)and attached the gate. The whole fence and gateway look excellent. Here John B chains the gate so that it doesn't "go walkies!")

Last but by no means least are the brick gang cleaning the bricks from Queens Road in Cheltenham. Here the brick cleaning Master Robin E has a new apprentice in new Volunteer Vic.

Finally the sign at the bottom of the Driveway gets a planting of Spring flowers and shrubs.

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