Saturday 15 January 2011

Saturday 15th January Dot the Drott Arrives!

A welcome new member of the team turned up today, chauffeured in by Bernard Dudfield. This vintage 'dozer will save many ours of toil - shifting, smoothing, flattening...... What a beauty she is! old and beautiful but with a satellite tracker.

Enough of the toys, Ron (Grumpy Bear) and Steve  finished off the last three courses of bricks in the current wall, ready for the corbelling to start on Wednesday. It looks great!

Last but not least (I was chief nail knocker) the Childwickham fence was nearly finished in a big push by John, Robin and Dave. It remains to finish the gateway and cement in the posts. A very satisfying job!


Anonymous said...

going to need the Broadway Extension quicly now that there is a second landslip on the southern part of the ine

Bill said...

We're going as fast as the money will allow!

Anonymous said...

best wishes I wish I could help as a member since 1983, but family and work mean I cant-yet!

Bill said...

We'll be here for a while! Bill