Sunday 22 August 2010

The Day We've Been Waiting For!

Today was the day we've waited for - the rumble of the cement mixer and the sound of trowels on brick! Yes the construction of the Platform 1 wall began. Some 12 volunteers turned out for this special occasion which marked the end of 18 months of patiently spinning our wheels waiting for the rebuild to start. Everyone was inspired to work flat out all day with smiles all round. A couple of honourable mentions are essential - Ron Briz who having arranged for the procurement of all the materials, kept the wall building on course and the mortar flowing in the right direction! Secondly Steve in the picture who worked tirelessly on the cement mixer barrowing loads to the appropriate spot. Lastly welcome to Ray L. who experienced his first day as a Volunteer. I hope he wasn't disappointed and will spend many more happy days with us. Thanks to Peter and Alan for photos - more to follow.

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Toddingtonted said...

Marvellous news! Well done to you all. I called in early on 7th August to see all the work already done on my way to see 2807. I look forward to visiting again soon. Well done once again!