Sunday 16 May 2010

Saturday at Broadway and Coleford!

Removed the "famous" guard rail posts (we now have recovered both!) to a place of safe keeping - they will be a feature of the new station building. Sign making with Jason and Peter H took up most of yesterday - the sun was shining , the birds were twittering and as Bertie Wooster would say "In the Spring, Jeeves, a livelier iris gleams upon the burnished dove" ... Anyway enough of that, here is the update:-

Jason and some old bloke sign painting in the sunshine. Had a surprise visit from Gary Owen - ex Chairman of the GWR. A very pleasant chap. Also the most distant visitor on Saturday was from Edinburgh. Our fame is international!

And the results of the extraordinary efforts of the Coleford die-hards cleaning bricks...


Toddingtonted said...

I'm very pleased that you managed to retrieve the other "mystery object" guard rail post and that, one day, they will be back in situ in a lovely rebuilt Broadway Station again. Excellent stuff!

pwllyn-veg said...

now all you need is the wooden rail and you really can start the rebuild