Monday 26 April 2010

Saturday 24th April AWOL

I was not able to attend on Saturday but a team of 8 navvies set about clearing the Platform 1 footings to the south. A really quite substantial length of foundation was exposed, cast out of granite chip concrete. Although neither deep enough nor wide enough to meet current standards there may be the possibility of embodying these footings in new a foundation and thereby save some time and of course money. Worth investigating?
Of course the news of a potential risk of trackbed subsidence because of voids appearing on the operating line at Gotherington has brought the Railway's exposure to acts of nature (geological or 4 legged friends!) into sharp focus. It has affected the Broadway Group inasmuch that a our modest(really modest!) budget has been frozen. Professional investigations are under way - lets hope it will be good news and quick to rectify.

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