Sunday 11 April 2010

An Architectural Aside

The Original Broadway Station had many common features with Toddington Station and indeed many others along the Honeybourne Line. I have identified some that very much please the eye and must be incorporated in the new Broadway Station:

Curved edges on corners of the building - the necessary bull nose bricks have been recovered from Coleford.

Decorative arched windows. I'm sure the sculpture bricks will be tricky to find but they totally make the period look. Has anyone any idea on what the proper name is for these sculpted bricks?

"Blues" used as a skirting for the exterior walls.

And of course the glorious chimney stacks!


stevebaker70 said...

Good work but why dont you get the bricks when they demolish Henley in Arden signal box and the one at shirley later this year? They are of the correct era / type...........

Bill said...

There are mixed feelings within the Group about these Coleford bricks. Some of us feel we have jumped the gun so to speak. However our leader like, Mrs Thatcher is not for turning!
Thanks for your input. Bill