Sunday 21 February 2010

Good News Week - We Hope!

Firstly, what a productive day! It was more line side clearance but the interim target of clearing the west side cutting as far as the site offices was well and truly achieved. It was a super effort on everyones part - well done all, what a bonfire we had and oh! my aching back today!
The Volunteers welcomed a visit Darren Fairley yesterday to talk about Broadway. Darren(second right) is the Director of Properties, and with Malcolm Temple is the Board member with a particular interest in, and responsibility for Broadway and the GWR push northward. The chat was wide ranging and emphasised the complexity of the task.

Nevertheless, plans are coming together to start work at Broadway in earnest. Fund raising activities are specifically planned, including the Toddington-Broadway Sponsored Walk. Darren applauded the work that had been done to date, particularly the line side clearance which sends out a clear message to the community at large that there is a serious intention at Broadway.

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