Sunday 3 January 2010

Laverton Bridge Completed - 2 miles 65 chains to Go!

The replacement bridge looks good, especially with the lattice iron work!
Track Gang (sorry Permanent Way Department!) - Broadway next stop!

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Unknown said...

The Bridge does indeed look fantastic, real credit to all those involved behind the scenes (And there have been quite a few), and a huge step towards all the pioneers at Broadway!

Good note about the Lattice Ballustrade, this was something that we had to change at a cost from a standard perfectly acceptable kee clamp type handrail before we went to planning to keep a more traditional appearance, even though superficial to the overall project, I think it makes all the difference.

The Ballustrade at Broadway will eventually be restored to the same colours. (Gretton gives a good representation to what an overall steel structure will look like when fully refurbished)

Looking forward to a good year at Broadway.

Darren Fairley