Tuesday 12 January 2010

Here to There!

I have particularly enjoyed Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journey's on BBC2 in which he compares the journeys describe in Bradshaws Guide with same journeys today. This evening's trip was between Settle and Carlisle and was full of information, particularly on the Ribblehead Viaduct, its history, and the great appeal it has for the train traveller, as well as walkers, railway architecture enthusiasts and so. In many ways it emphasises the great attraction the Stanway(Toddington) viaduct will be for GWR travellers - not so grand but a great attraction nevertheless. If you missed any of these programmes you can catch up with them on the BBC iPlayer.

The background music for the series (aptly titled in Broadway terms "From Here to There") by Jon Wygens is excellent and I am adopting as the signature tune for my Blog! It has a steam train beat and rhythm which is spot on. Have a listen on this link:


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