Sunday 3 May 2009

Sorting the Plumbing!

Well the water pipe was finally revealed! A bit more determined digging from Alan found the mains water pipe and there was much celebrating. Further hole gazing and tutting was done to successfully replace the manhole cover on the sewer to the adjacent houses. The old one had taken several hits from large vehicles and was something of a hazard. The success of the new one is dependent on a piece of steel plate retrieved through the back door at Toddington. Heath Robinson would be impressed!.

The final coat of paint was given to the security container. It all looks very smart and was worth the hard work of the painters!

Managed to dramatically disintegrate the bench being used for alfresco eating. I will have to lose some weight!

Had a go at water dowsing to locate the water mains further up the entrance road. Yes it works - how I don't know - but I felt very pleased with myself to achieve such dramatic success with two bent brazing rods.

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