Saturday 3 January 2015

Saturday 3rd January 2015 - Back in Action!

A Happy New Year to all Blog followers and Volunteers!

It was certainly a typical January day with steady rain coming from grey skies, and a chilling wind blowing from the north-east. Nervelessness there were 13 of us on site today, trying to work off some of the Christmas over-indulgences.

Some tidying up/preparation was required on the the Signal Box, prior to the scaffolding being raised to the roof level, together with some internal scaffolding being installed. JC , Jim H  and Dave H carried this out first thing and we are now awaiting the scaffolders to do their stuff. Over on the driveway another panel of palisade fencing  was installed - we are gradually working our way down to the road. Dave B, Vic  and Dave H were leading the charge.

One barrow for the uncleaned, one for the cleaned...
Back at the northern end Robin found some shelter for his brick cleaning, sharing the "garage" with the Thwaite dumper.

Brian - all dressed up and nowhere to go....

Some tree felling work was carried out on the banks of the  northern cutting. Frankly it got too wet and dangerous under foot  to use the chainsaw for any length of time. Brian M and Steve did their best.

Whilst the worst of the rain was coming down we put the world to rights in the mess room and  time was taken to do a running repair on Robin's Wrenn Bulleid Pacific - the Golden Arrow had come off and was being glued back on.

Jo was some what rooted to the spot with his camera today, but Wednesday will be a busy day to look forward to.

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