Monday, 15 December 2014

Birthday Treat on the Santa Special!

My 2 sons and their families took Joan and I on a surprise trip on the  Santa Special yesterday. What great fun!

It was very well organised - full of good humour from the volunteers,  and of course the compulsory visit to Santa's Grotto! The children young and very old thoroughly enjoyed it.

5542 took on  water at Cheltenham.Why, under a similar regime wouldn't we want a water facility at Broadway!


Alex said...

Glad you had a good time, I thought I vaguely recognised you Bill, I was helping with the grottos, almost managed to get in your picture by the looks of things! I was the young'un with the silly green hat. :D

Bill said...

I remember you well.
It was a great job by everyone, managing to keep smiling with wave after wave of visitors!

Alex said...

Thanks Bill, probably best I couldn't quite place your I'd have only have held you up asking questions!

Geoff said...


What are the plans for re-watering at Broadway (or is it best not to ask?)?



Bill said...

We need a watering facility and we are trying to get a parachute tank.

Perry said...

Like this?

Perry said...