Thursday, 27 November 2014

27th November 2014 - A Thursday Special!

BT (Open Reach) were on site today, to install the Broadway  telephone and broadband line. The connection is a temporary one prior to the Station being built, but is essential for  online communications, purchasing, project control and internet data retrieval. The job involved laying an armoured cable from the recently replaced telegraph pole to our project office.

 Steve Warren did a great job on the trench, laying the cable in pea gravel and finally completing the infill and grading it off. Top job!
Tony transporting many loads of ballast

The BT engineer sorted the terminations out and by 11:30 the line was in and tested. It only remained for our volunteer Dave H to sort a few things out at the office end. The Broadband gets switched on tomorrow.

The prospect of an operating day on site brought some die-hards along to continue with the embankment clearance. Brian T, Clive,  Tony and Brian " The Chainsaw"  had a great bonfire going and moved the clearance that bit farther northwards.

Cherry on the cake for me was the delivery of the rear Signal Box window. What great piece of workmanship it is.  Paul Richards who made the window for us can feel well pleased with the result. Thank you Paul! Sorry for the lousy picture but many more will get taken!

Thanks go to the 6 volunteers that came along to help today.


Anonymous said...

Bill, No surfin' the net mind!
Rod L

Anonymous said...

So any chance of a live webcam so we can see when people are leaning on their shovels?