Monday 10 November 2014

10th November 2014 - FootbridgeTowers Part 2

Jim Hitchen has sent through the following report with some excellent additional photos:-


A difficult morning awaiting our transport at Wishaw.  The eta started at 11:00 but went steadily back as the lorry was still loaded from it's last job and needed to go to Stoke to unload.  Then there were delays in Stoke and finally the satnav code took the driver to the next industrial estate.

Fortunately Andrew Goodman spotted the Vic Haynes lorry and guided him into the correct yard.  Andrew then arranged for one of his team to assist in loading the towers, which was ready to leave by 14:15.  Arrival at Broadway was around 15:30 and fortunately our worthy volunteers were still on site and eager to assist in the unloading process.  Mark the driver did brialliantly well to get both lorry and trailer onto site and then to reverse the 300 yards to the delivery site.  

The unloading went according to plan although we finished in the dark just before 17:00 hrs.  Unfortunately we ran out of daylight so the other "little jobs" we had hoped to use the crane for are still not done.  However a great sense of satisfaction all round at a successful outcome.

Roll on the staircases!!

Jim H.

Coach squatting at Wishaw

1st tower on the move

1st tower goes on board

Turning the 2nd tower
Ready to roll

Mark looks pleased as all is loaded safely

 Ready to unload

Job done!


mack said...

What a beautiful LMS sleeping coach

Toddington Ted said...

Excellent work folks, as ever!

Anonymous said...

The coach should be on a preserved rail line!

Jo said...

Anyone know the identity of the coach?
I can't find it on an LMS database...