Friday 31 October 2014

Commemorative Blog Header

I'm about to change the blog header for 2015. The above header is a fitting transition. Thanks to Tony Boucher  for the photo of platform 1A at Broadway.

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Jo said...

On a WW1 theme, we have for sale 39 copies of a 51 part WW1 series of magazines called 'The Great War - I was there'
They were published in 1938 -39 and the cover price was ninepence.
The last one, No. 51, carries a notice to readers that 'In view of the outbreak of the European War the publishers have decided not to proceed with the new series'.
Fascinating reading, with lots of previously unpublished pictures, now 75 years old.
The magazines came from a former fireman from Gloucester shed.
All income goes to Marguerite's stall.