Saturday 13 September 2014

Saturday 13th September 2014 - A Day Off

I had a day off today with the enjoyable duties of entertaining the Grandchildren. However Broadway is rarely off my map and we came along to support the Broadway Horticultural Show. The Broadway Area Group always have a stall,  invariably manned by John Blofield, together with whoever else he can rope in! Here John chats to some of the many visitors to the stall.

The Chipping Camden Swing Band were in good form. Polly my youngest granddaughter(and the apple of my eye) can vouch for the quality of the music as she dances along.

What a delightful village Broadway is.

Here is Johns Report:- 

The day went well, and there was a steady stream of visitors to the stand, both locals and holidaymakers. There were a lot of compliments on the appearance of our shiny refurbished bridge on Station Road. Several people took away share brochures with the intention of buying some shares, there were also a few potential members for the railway and a steady trickle of small donations. I must thank Stuart again, and also Graham from P Way, both of whom were involved with the show, but helped out when they had some free time.

Back on site serious work was proceeding. More brick laying was being carried out on the Signal Box. You can now see the main door frame in position. 5 courses of bricks were laid to the frame, and more on the back wall. The slots for the revised  joist trimmers were cut into the wall.

At the other end of the site blocks were being retrieved for laying  the foundations of Platform 2C. Here you can see the progress on the 9" block laying from Wednesday and behind the  100mm blocks are stacked up waiting to be laid.

Here Steve barrows the blocks from there storage position.   As you can see brick cleaning continues!

Down by the  northwest bridge embankment Dave B and Vic repaired some existing fencing and added a new section.

Thanks to Dave H and Vic  for the excellent pics.

Our regular photographer aka Jo will be back next week (thank goodness I hear you cry!). Nevertheless I do appreciate all of the photos from others who have helped me out, so keep them coming!

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