Wednesday 18 June 2014

Wednesday 18th June 2014 - A Busy One!

I have not seen the Broadway Site so busy - ever! There were 21 BAG  Volunteers on Site, plus the Bridge Contractors getting work under way in earnest  on the Evesham Road Bridge. Jo will no doubt cover the bridge work on the Bridges Blog - See link above.

Meanwhile work continued on the Signal Box. JC, Tony, Paul and Steve B  managed to get the rear corners up to the next level and then set about the puzzle of getting the rear Locking Room arches in position.
I think the cumulative sucking through teeth here may bring on an early climate change.

Nevertheless the job proceeded and with a pretty pleasing result.

Back at the northern end it was a veritable sea of people, either brick laying on 1C, resizing bricks, or cleaning them.

A new face on the brick laying was Terry, who seems to have a pretty professional action!

Terry had spent a large part of the morning helping his friend Paul (from Tecton) retrieving some 2000+  surplus red bricks from the College (they do know about it!). As these are 65mm metric bricks, we may well use them at Cheltenham. Either way, the generosity of the College and the hard work in retrieving them is much appreciated.

On the other side of the driveway, Ron and Jo were continuing the tidying up of the boundary line. It may not look like it yet, but there is a very useful space being created here.

On the down side today we had to retrieve one of the white gates at the bottom of the drive for repair. It suffered a lorry strike and I've yet to find the culprit.  It was not any of the Bridge Contractors. However I have my Inspector Clouseau in Jo and he is on the trail.

The other damn annoying thing was theft of our brand new sign, advertising our Wednesday and Saturday bric a brac sale. It was generously gifted to us by a supporter. If the person  that removed it only new how hard it is to raise funds for the railway..... no, your right they wouldn't care.. it's a sad world sometimes...

On a brighter side you get a Trojan like Vic who keeps plugging away twice week on the driveway border.
A brilliant job.

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Alex said...

Terrible news Re the stolen goods, worth posting on NatPres which you have a link to at the top of the page I should think, it all helps. The locking room windows look fab by the way!