Wednesday 11 June 2014

Wednesday 11th June 2014

It was something of a hectic day today, with 12 volunteers on site, the remainder being over at Cheltenham on this weeks infill exercise. Nevertheless a great deal was achieved. Our target was to get the infill completed behind platform 2B before the bridge is closed to access from the south. Yesterday Adam from Graham  Morrisons dumpered in the ballast and this morning it was waiting in rather daunting piles to be shovelled and raked.

Dave and Jim valiantly tackled it by hand, but because there were other jobs in the offing I asked Graham Morrison to call in by and complete it with the digger.

It still required some manual TLC at the end, which Dave drew the short straw for. When its rollered it will be like the M1 (or better!).

Work started on installing the 2B electrical cabinet. Here Jim,  Peter and Dave sort out the inner wooden frame. The posts were concreted in at the back of the platform and it only remains for the cabinet to be mounted on Saturday.

Further up the track bed Peter H, Clive and Bob J (welcome back Bob)were continuing with the laying of the bricks on 1C. It is really coming along nicely.
Clive and Bob talk nicely to the mixer!  It didn't work - the starter recoil gave up the ghost in the end!

Further up the track bed still, Ian and Chris H were sorting the bricks into sizes.

The third member of the brick sorting gang, Ron D was re palleting bricks.

Other items of interest
The Bridge Contractors are setting up camp on the Broadway Station driveway. We are desperately trying to make sure we don't turn the area into a building site and the contractors are doing a great job at minimising the impact of their occupation.

We had an extremely generous free offer of a generator and compressor from Russell Smith of Carriage and Wagon. These items are now on their way to Wishaw, where the Broadway Footbridge is being re furbished.Thanks Russ!

Finally Graham Smith was around with his Routmaster, in between jobs.


Richard said...

Bill, it looks like there may be some GWR Type Spear Fencing about to be made free by the Oxford to Bicester line rebuilding - see this photo here of Islip which will get a new station with 2 new platforms in the process -

May be worth contacting Chiltern Railways and Network Rail to find out when the bulk of the works at Islip is due to start and what will be rescue able.

Bill said...

I am following this up.

Anonymous said...

I know timber fencing is more pragmatic - but the original spear fencing would look fantastic at Broadway - and is of course prototypical. Neil

John Dyer said...


Is there a plan to lay a couple of track panels in Broadway Station area, so a coach could be positioned there for tourists / visitors or a cafe etc? etc?

Thanks for all the hard work.


Bill said...

Hi John,
It's a nice idea but anything on the trackbed gets in the way of delivery lorries, plant etc. the trick is to crack on and get the buildings up and ready for the track gang coming over the horizon.