Saturday 14 June 2014

Saturday 14th June 2014

A late start for me today -  I was treated to a full English at  the Rising Sun as a early Fathers Day  present - certainly a great start to any day! There were 15 of us on site in the end and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Work continued on the Signal Box with John C and John S continuing with the bricklaying. A nice shot from Jo here, showing the brickwork rising towards to the top of the locking room windows. Our other brick layer Bob W was hor de combat after a weeks hard labour at Cheltenham - get well soon Bob!
Bricklaying continue on 1C with Clive and Roger J, keeping the momentum going northwards.

The electrical cabinet on Platform 2B was fixed into position. Here Dave H putting the finishing touches.

The 2B infill was rolled by Clive - the only one of the Saturday Gang prepared to do battle with  the vibrating roller - it can certainly have a mind of its own!

Down on the Driveway work is continuing tidying up the eastern boundary line. Here Dave B pushes the last of the fence posts out of the way. The 3  trees with crosses in the background are to be removed. They are self seeded trees that are choking the larger trees behind them. The Whichavon Tree Officer has lifted the TPOs on these in order that we can save the others.

Oh Happy day! The Thwaite dumper is back in action and Jo is suitably gleeful! I hope we can put this little workhorse in a museum somewhere when the project is over.

The other items of interest - Vic(who had the trendiest shorts today) and Phil barrowed stone up to continue the landscaping. That's a long old slog up the driveway!

Finally a suitably sign posted bees nest at the bottom of the drive. John B's handiwork.


Unknown said...

Would it be possible to post some updated information on the footbridge restoration and the bracket signal?

JNC said...

There's an update on the signal post on the S+T blog:


Bill said...

Re Above
I will arrange an update on the footbridge progress shortly (its all good news).

The progress on the Bracket Post is slow but sure. We are dependent on the time of George Forrest for the welding and unfortunately his time is scarce. He is committed to doing the job, but there are only so many hours in his day.