Monday 2 June 2014

Monday 2nd June 2014 - Bricklaying at Broadway!

As you will have gathered I have been away for a few days, but I am now back in the saddle - so much has been happening!

The main feature of the day was JC, Bob W, Paul and Brian making great progress with brick laying on the Signal Box. The 3 front locking room windows are in now, completing the final total of 5. By the end of the day the brickwork had been laid to approximately half way up the windows  - what superb progress.

This photo from Jo starts to give an impression of the Signal Box as you would approach from Cheltenham, arriving at Platform 2. Won't  the inbound train always stop at Platform 1, I here you cry? Not if it's a  replacement for the old Coffee Pot service......

Finally Jo snaps the arrival of the first of several containers from the Bridge Repair Contractors. This one for plant and equipment, going on the car park area south of the Evesham Road.


Anonymous said...

This is going some way to make up for the sad loss of Henley, Shirley and Bearley boxes 3 and a half years ago. good work.

richard said...

My my look what grow when there a little bit of sunshine in the spring.

Great work