Friday 20 June 2014

A Friday Special

Some of the Gang  decided to take advantage of the clement weather. Here is Jo's report:-

Hi Bill,

As it was a nice dry day we had an extra day’s brick laying at Broadway. JC was there early, later supported by Clive and John S.

Clive finished off a course of corbelling, and a line of stretchers on the next section of 1C. Good steady progress here.

The two Johns worked on the box, raising 3 further corners, infilling behind the facing bricks, and laying three courses on the north gable end.

I weed killed platform 2, helped the Johns on the box,  and dug for GWR china – I found the remains of a glass dish marked ‘ GWR HOTELS’, which is fun. Quite like ‘ Time team’ !

The box is getting higher and higher – the brickies  are now standing up to lay while on the scaffolding, and the mortar has to be brought up the ladder in buckets. As the fine weather continues, we hope for another big brick laying push tomorrow.
Best regards,




Bill said...

It will be a close replica of the Shirley Box as seen throughout this Blog.......

Anonymous said...

Another step closer to completion on a high quality job. One question though, will you be finishing the signal box and then completing the platform or will the gap be filled in sooner than that?

Bill said...

The gap will only be filled when all construction work is completed. What a happy day that will be!