Tuesday 20 May 2014

A Tuesday Special!

It was decided to use a "quiet" day to get some levelling done on the track bed by the signal box and to put some infill behind Platform 2B.

Jo lent Steve Warren a hand by driving the dumper - Here is Jo's report:

Hi Bill,

Steve and I put 5 loads of stone in front of the box (with a 2T dumper that is 10 tons) and levelled it. For the rest of the morning, and most of the afternoon, we put ash behind 2B, which now has a row of heaps all the way along to the end. Looks like about 30 trips in all. They still need levelling, after which the layer should be the usual 9’’ deep. Hope you can get a gang of rakers together for tomorrow, then the ducting can go in.

See you then,
Best regards



mack said...

Those wild flowers behind 2b look great.. Was the honeyborne line built by brunel ?

Toddington Ted said...

Lovely pictures and great progress as usual, disappointing about the signal bracket not being quite ready but these things happen, it will be fitted soon I'm sure.

Mack, Isambard Kingdom Brunel was long dead before the Honeybourne Line was built! Our railway was one of the last major cross country lines to be built by the GWR and was finished as recently as 1906. It was built to compete with the Midland (LMS) line from Birmingham to Gloucester and then Bristol, which had vexed the GWR. The section north from Honeybourne to Stratford on Avon was older than the "Honeybourne" section, having been built in the 1860s (I think) by the Old Worse and Worse - Oxford Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway.

Exotoxin said...

Close! - the Honeybourne to Stratford stretch was opened in 1859.