Friday 16 May 2014

16th May 2014 - The Avonmouth Finale

Today Jo, Terry and his chum Paul from Tecton Timber Products went down to Avonmouth to pick up the final coping bricks. Here is Jo's Report with some extra statistics from Terry:-

Hi Bill,
 This morning Terry, Paul and I went down to Avonmouth to collect the last remaining artefacts, i.e. 124 bull nosed blue edging bricks, with a diamond pattern. We had already positioned these close to the fence near the turntable, but had to wait to fetch them because the old MR/GWR marshalling yard was being levelled and resurfaced with crushed concrete.

This has now been done, and it immediately came into use to park the parts to several huge windmills. These came from the port of Emden in N Germany, were off loaded at Avonmouth for onward transport to – St Austell, the lucky recipient of these giants. We parked the loaded lorry next to the nacelle of one of them to show the size. It looked like the flight deck of a Boeing 747, and weighed 18 tons.

Thanks to the hydraulic lift on Paul’s lorry, we loaded the 124 bricks without too much trouble, and an hour later we arrived at Broadway. They are now parked up the drive ready for their final movement by Steve tomorrow.

Best regards,


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