Wednesday 16 April 2014

Wednesday 16th April 2014 - A Busy day!

The sun shone and 20 Volunteers made the best of this first sign of Summer.

Erratum - Jo had taken this picture but not passed it on...

The most productive part of the day was probably that which had no pictures taken and that was the laying of a full row of blocks on platform 1C. Roger B, Peter H, Clive and Steve plugged away on it all day and laid 84 blocks along the full length. It was a remarkable achievement. Next Wednesday the rear blocks can be laid, followed by the rebars on the following Wednesday. Then it will be all systems go to bring the wall up to bricklaying height. We will have to give our photographer a bike to get around the site! Unfortunately Jo is in the dawg house with his good lady, for all the hours he is putting in this week. Here he  is trying the bunch of flowers trick.... mm it might take more than that Jo!
Jo Prepares his flower ends (or prepares for his end)

On the opposite side, Platform  2B, Rod dumpered in  loads of rubble to go behind the wall for infill. Its a pains taking job then to hand lay the rubble to a single layer.

At the southern end JC, Paul and Tony were preparing a new hot tub for the steamier days on site. We wish - in fact its the shuttering to contain the signal bracket post foundation, which is due to be poured and finished tomorrow.  A big thank you to those who have sponsored the Bracket Signal foundation. We are still a little short of our target and so if anyone would like to move us towards our target , it would be much appreciated.

In the same area on site Mike Speake arrange for the cherry picker to come in to place the two lanterns on Platform 2A. Very fine they look too.

First thing this morning the Avonmouth Bricks arrived and were unloaded in the driveway. The second lot will be retrieved tomorrow and that will be the job done, for now.

Back up to the  cabin and Dave  and  Bill V were putting undercoat on the new site office. It really is coming along nicely.

Here Jo gets his own back with a pic of yours truly having fun on the cabin roof. Not the most flattering shot I have had taken, but I suppose the camera can't lie...!

How many bricklayers does it take to level a course ..
quite a few.....

Last but not least Bob, JC,  Paul and Tony put another course  of bricks around the wings of the Signal Box. Its now up to the plinth where the brickwork will change to red.

David talks to Jim H on footbridge matters...
We had a very interesting hour or two with David Redfern from Steelways. There isn't much he doesn't know about railway architecture and the use of modern materials to replicate the past. It was a very productive session and no doubt we will consult with him further on the Station design and  renovating the footbridge. 

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