Wednesday 5 March 2014

Wednesday 5th March 2014 - A Busy Old Day!

There were 21 Volunteers on site today including new recruit  David Holdworth - welcome aboard!

There was a great deal going on today, so I'll start with the Signal Box. John C and Bob W  persevered all day putting the next courses of engineering blues on the base. It was by no means an easy task - the damp in the air plus the general moister in the bricks made the job that bit more tricky.

By mid morning the  2 steel beams were delivered from Underwoods and the tricky task of unloading then began. However, with Graham Morrision on the 360 excavator the job was soon accomplished. Just a reminder these beams support the front wall over the access point to the locking room.

 Work is going to start on Saturday to fabricate the pad stones on which the beams rest. Things are moving!

At the northern end of the site concrete blocks were being retrieved for building platform 1C. 300 are now sitting in readiness!

At the southern end of 2A the preparation work has started to fabricate the bracket Signal Post base The ramp on the platform has to be brought down to rail height. Peter Q and Clive built the necessary shuttering to contain the concrete foundation and by the end of the day it was done!

Clive has the bricks ready and waiting to start the wall next  time.

Today was also a training/assessment day for our dumper drivers. I'm not sure they appreciated going back to the classroom for the day, but needs must if you want your competency ticket!  The course was run by Steve Boam of BOAM’s  Industrial Transport Training Services in Scunthorpe.

Here Steve takes his turn maneuvering between the cones!

Here Tony getting some practical advice with the 2T Dumper. The training was turned into productive work by infilling behind Platform 2B.

Here Steve seem to have the hang of it - right down the middle. The whole process was a bit of a slog for all concerned, but when they can wave there brand new tickets, there should be a sense of satisfaction.

The work continued on clearing up the debris on the northern embankment and of course the brick cleaning did not stop!

A very busy day and somehow the Spring like weather and the buzz on site raised my spirits for the exciting adventure ahead.


Anonymous said...

When will the gap in the platform in front of the signal box be filled in? When the base of the signal box reaches platform height? And as countless people have said before, fantastic work chaps!

Bill said...

It's likely that the signal box will be built to full height before the platform gap is filled.

Anonymous said...

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