Sunday 2 March 2014

Saturday 1st March 2014 - Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!

 A bright, Spring like St David's Day with 14 Volunteers on Site.  Much of the activity today was spent retrieving more rubble from the Mythe piles in the car park and layering it in behind platform 2B. We hope to get a layer of ballast infill in on top of the bricks on Wednesday.

At the northern end of the site the bonfire was going  nicely, burning the small trees and undergrowth chopped down on the previous week.

We were kindly donated a generator by supporter Brian Manning, which we will use for remote and off site work. Its certainly not something you can pick up and tuck under your arm Jim!

Of course we were obliged to try and get it started and its amaizing how many experts appear when an internal combustion engine is playing up! Unfortunately we had no luck starting it and its now away for a service.

At the southern end of platform 2A Clive and I set out the termination of the ramp, the barrow crossing and the bracket signal. Its surprising how many datum points there are when sorting  something like this out. Nevertheless we got there in the end!

The Rambling Boys Concert
Now the reason this post is late was that Mike Speake and the Rambling  Boys put on a gig last night at the Lifford Hall  in Broadway, in aid of the Broadway Station Appeal Fund. What a great success it was. It was a packed house - you couldn't have squeezed  another person in. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all.

 A big thank you to all who were involved, our own volunteers who helped set up the information and sales tables, the Ramblings Boys "WAG's" who ran the the raffle and refreshments, and of course the members of the Rambling Boys themselves who gave of their time freely to make it such a successful evening.


John of Nuneaton said...


Interesting post regarding the donation of the generator but is it a good idea to report it & include photo's of it. Too many preserved railway's are having item's stolen and I sometimes wonder if giving valuable publicity to the latest acquisition only encourages these problems further. Unfortunately you don't know who is reading these blogs. On a slightly different tack I've just received my Caravan Club Magazine and they are reporting about a vintage caravan now on display in the former Good's Shed at their Broadway Site. Unfortunately they have upgraded the building to an "Engine Shed". It's amazing how non-railway people can get confused. I suppose when Broadway Station is completed and open somebody will assume it's some major terminal with international connection's available.

Alex said...

You often get people at crc after the races asking for the train ti various places, Glasgow, bath and London have all been reported.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats "a man in place" and
even less phsically able supporters can contribute by being the eyes and ears of the organisation. The more hours the site has a presence the less chance of theft. Take the reg no of suspicious vehicles

Anonymous said...

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