Monday 10 March 2014

Bracket Signal Post - Progress Report

First of all, thanks to all those generous people who have made a donation to our Blog Appeal for  the construction of the foundations of the Bracket Signal Post.

Today I confirmed with the piling contractor the current lead time for construction, which is 10-14 days.

I also spoke to Malcolm Walker (Head of GWSR S&T) as to progress on the Signal Post. The critical item is getting the base plate laser cut to size at a contractor in Tewkesbury - lead time  about 4 weeks

So things are looking good for a May completion!

Finally the brackets signal itself is in the final stages of refurbishment - by a bit of telepathy, Jo called in by at Winchcombe to pick up a generator for the work at Avonmouth on Wednesday, got talking to Malcolm Walker and took this photo of the signal post:-

Jo also struck lucky with the following and I'll let his email tell the story:-

While I got the genny from Winchcombe, I had a chat with Malcolm. I asked him if he had ever seen any of those cast iron intermediate pieces for the signal box vents, as we have the tops and bottoms, but not the bits in between, that went round the roof beam (see picture of one it situ).
To my astonishment, Malcolm said he thought he had seen some lying around in the yard, and there they were ! I was allowed to take them home, and will bring them to Broadway for cleaning and painting.

 We now have a full set. I suspect that these are actually the ex – Exminster ones, as they were located near to some other former Exminster remains. (some slates and a few ridge tiles)

I also took a picture of the almost completed bracket signal, with dollies still to be fitted. 

Thanks Jo


Anonymous said...

Quite probably the Exminster ones:

Photos here and here prior to removal.

Danny Scroggins

Neil said...

Isambard Kingdom Brunel never had to wait for availability of laser cutting!!!!! Progress?

Jo said...

Thanks, Danny.
The DNA of Exminster lives on at Broadway !
I see now I must also find the hooks with which to suspend the lamps...

Charles said...

Dear Bill,

Will be coming with 6 others to visit you on 22nd March in the afternoon. I want to show them what you are all doing.Look forward to meeting you.