Wednesday 5 February 2014

Wednesday 5th February 2014

Well the weather did its best to beat the Broadway Volunteers today -  gale force winds and  unrelenting rain, but 14 Volunteers were undaunted and kept the show on track.

Roger, Peter H and Paul
 The main activities continue to be bricklaying on Platform 2B and on the Signal Box. The polythene shelters really came into their own once more.

On the right the third(final) row of corbelling is laid  on 2B together with the last row of red backing bricks.

JC as happy as Larry......

Here JC  lays the 5th row of blues on the south east corner before the plinth headers go on.

Carlton Bricks unload the 10,000 reds

There was also much excitement with the delivery of both the weathered reds (for the 3 buildings) from the Carlton Brick Company

Fairview deliver the special blues for the signal box

and the delivery of the remaining blues for the signal box from Fairview.

This was a great day for the BAG Volunteers - we  have the vital bricks to hand now for the main construction  of all three buildings. The  red specials for the Station  and Waiting Room are currently being manufactured and will be with us in 8 weeks. All we need now is some descent weather!

Other achievements of the day included mounting a lantern on the southern most lamppost on 1A. More would have been done but the elements made it an impossible job!

Finally, and not least,  3 stalwarts spent all day down in the car park carrying out further clearance work. Here is Rod's report:-

Hi Bill,

Just a quick update.

Keith, Terry and myself had a good day with our favourite ditch. A lot more tidying up done including the removal of loads of ivy
from the trees we are keeping, some of the ivy stems were up to two inch diameter so the trees are probably quite relieved. The birds boxes
and numbers can be seen again.
We also had a go at the road drain gully on the station side of the bridge. We found that when the Highways replaced the gully a few years ago
they also put in a plastic pipe to connect it to the ditch before it goes under the road. Problem being when we discovered the end of the pipe
the last couple of feet had quite a rise on it, enough to make it level with the gully in the road. As you know water wont go uphill hence the small lake
on the road, a bit of spade work and it’s pointing in the right direction, small lake down to a big puddle. The puddle will stay as they also failed
to put the gully at the lowest point under the bridge. Still fingers crossed what we’ve done and with the work done by Andy P the situation should be a lot better.

  Cheers Rod

And  a couple of nice  extra pics from Jo:-

JC explains the the steel structures to Rod and Terry...
the Surgeons washing up..
The Carlton driver rises to the challenge of reversing up
the Drive....mind that bridge!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG how much you have done! The station buildings will be up in no time! great work! Aaron :-)

Billy Morris said...

Amazing work guys, inspirational!

Anonymous said...

This blog is fast becoming THE most readable and interesting, not to mention inspirational, railway preservation news!! come my retirement I will be there!! ( not long to go)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic work chaps! It really is a tremendous pleasure to read this blog and to see all of the marvellous progress at Broadway!

Anonymous said...

And example of Dawlish perhaps?

I wonder what the transfer fee might be. You might need to double the biscuit ration Bill.