Saturday 18 January 2014

Saturday 18th January 2014

A damp and cold January day today. 8 Volunteers were on site and the main task was to continue with the infill of Platform 2B to provide a level surface for the bricklayers to stand on, on Wednesday.

There was no excavator to make the job easier - it was shovels and sweat! Here Brian T in action - seven dumper loads were shifted during the day, probably 10 tonnes in all. Jo found some real treasure in the form of broken railway crockery in the ash - look out for a post on our sister blog!

Behind 2B the broken brick rubble had to be laid in, in advance of the ballast. Here Steve shifts a barrow load of Mythe rubble in behind the wall.

 By the end of the session the full length had been completed, including the piping of a persistent stream of water coming out of the embankment. Here Peter K, Steve and Roger H level the final load. It was a great job.

Cheer up chaps... its meant to be fun....

On other fronts we had a visit in the afternoon from Richard Drewitt the Strategic Planning Director.  Dave B and I spent a useful hour discussing how the Broadway development plan can be dovetailed in to the grand strategic plan for the Railway.  We then gave Richard the gold star tour of the site. I think he was impressed with the progress made since his last visit 18 months ago.

Vic continued his relentless removal of weeds from the front borders and John B helped Marguerite with the Shed.

It was a good solid days progress.

It is my  late Dad's birthday today - I'm sure he looks down and gives me a steer in the right direction from time to time.... 


Anonymous said...

Love the new picture at the top! Almost exactly what Broadway should look like in the not too distant future! It is a great shame that Shirley signal box was demolished though.

Unknown said...

Hello Bill,
Just read the blog and the amount of work you guys get through is a credit to you all.

Great to see the proposed first signal project for Broadway.
Can i ask, on the signalling diagram are signals 24, 40 & 41 on posts or are they located on an over track gantry?

Also when will the bridge repairs commence?
keep up the fantastic work

Bill said...

I'm afraid I don't know the answer on the gantry - I was hoping someone from S&T would answer that one for me!

The bridge work will start in the spring and the speed of completion will depend very much on the ongoing support of the Bridges to Broadway Share take up.