Saturday 14 December 2013

Saturday 14th December 2013 - BAG Christmas Lunch!

What a pleasant diversion today. John and Lynda Simms (BAG Treasurer and Secretary respectively)  expertly organised a Christmas Lunch at the Childswickham  Inn for the BAG Membership and their wives/partners. 40+ people were there and what a happy and convivial affair it was - good food and great company. Alan Bielby (GWSR Chairman) came along to support the occasion. It was the culmination of another year hard work at Broadway. Thanks to all the hard work from the BAG members and of course to the wives who put up with our hobby(obsession!)

The Glamour....
The intellect....
 the.....Bernard Dudfield - who let him in!
Only joking BD - always welcome!

Of course there are those who are gluttons for punishment and some volunteers - at least 4(Bob W Clive S, Peter K and Roger H) - beavered away at bricklaying - both backing blues laid on Wednesday and putting another course of blues on as well!

Normal service and good photos should be back next week - Jos camera had been confiscated today!

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Jim Boyles said...

It was a great meet-up. Unusual to see everyone without a hard-hat!

Jim Boyles