Monday 9 December 2013

Monday 9th December 2013 - Cheltenham Platform 2

The Monday Gang at Cheltenham Racecourse continue to work steadily away. Lets say there will be 50,000 bricks in the wall and 500 were laid today, then the rough time to completion is 100 days like today. That seems pretty doable!

Here is Jo's report:-

Hi Bill,
A good attendance today – 8 volunteers at CRC, and that was without the Gloucester lads, who were absent today. It was an excellent calm and dry day for brick laying, with 4 people laying down the bricks, two in support for mortar and two moving bricks down from the embankment.

A total of 500 bricks were laid and pointed. A first row of corbelling was put on section 4, the other bricks going on section 5 at the front, while in the latter half of the day we were able to put down a full row of blocks behind, 90 in all.
Blocks always consume a considerable quantity of mortar, hence the tired faces at the end of the day.
A trolley full of surplus blues was moved up the line, and another of reds was brought down from the embankment, where we are approximately half way through the pile. It has some quite big holes in it now. The stacking on site is at the half way mark.


In the morning, for interest, we received the visit of the ED, which came to pick up some bogie wagons for the Pway.


A wonderful sunset completed an excellent day.


Best regards,



Anonymous said...

Picture 6. What a great shot.

richard said...

I agree photo 6 great shot, should be used for a caption competition

Anonymous said...

Gloucester lads like Worcester lads? Deja vu?

Anonymous said...

comment two,

well there you are, what a great idea. a pound to enter and a ticket or something as a prize.

I,m not telling you my caption. (as it,s probably pathetic)

Bolivia Jim

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a £1 a ticket raffle to be in with a chance to officially open Broadway.
Roger A. Bennett

Anonymous said...

I wonder who we will get to open Broadway, Princess Anne opened CRC...

Anonymous said...

Prince George?