Wednesday 4 December 2013

4th December 2013 - Cheltenham Platform 2

Being the first Wednesday in the month, Bob White and a select band kept the platform building going at Cheltenham. Here is Bob's report:-
A great smiley photo of Tony and Bob  ....
 I'm not so sure about the Hip and Trendy Baseball Caps......
Hi Bill

The dry weather allowed an early start on bricklaying today and by the time I arrived John Oates  had a  barrow of mortar ready to use. We were soon joined by Tony B and  he and I carried on with bricklaying with John O keeping us supplied with mortar until he had to go at lunchtime.   At the end of the day two courses of blue and red bricks were laid on section three. There is only one more course to go on this section before corbelling can start. A further course of blue bricks was laid on section six which will allow the college lads to have their first taste of laying red bricks when they next come to site.

Between us over 400 bricks were laid and we felt this was a good day's work.

A photograph is enclosing which shows the progress today. 


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