Thursday 17 October 2013

Thursday 17th October 2013

I think Bob White, having missed  out on bricklaying this week at Cheltenham or Broadway needed a "fix", so he, Tony Boucher and Jo Roesen took advantage of  a sunny day today! Here is Jo's report and pictures:-

Hi Bill, profiting from the sunshine, three stalwarts –Tony B, Bob W and myself -  turned up today to further the brick laying a bit. Vic also came for  half a day to carry on with his excellent job of restoring the front garden, and at lunch time Jim H dropped in, having spent the morning measuring various platforms about the railway and looking at light fittings for our platform lamps.


On the brick laying front, there are 4 sub sections to the final bit of platform 2. The first one is now at corbelling level, having been finished off today; the second had rows 4 and 5 added, and the third was started, with rows 1 and 2, together with a tower to help with future lengths. So all in all, three of the four sections received two rows of bricks. Not bad for just 3 people, so we felt well pleased at the end of the day.

Yours truly also went down to the car park to separate some of the bull nose blocks, which came from the Mythe in singles, doubles, triples and quadruples. I managed to get 12 out and they await retrieval. I also had a go at dismantling a length of blue wall, which came complete but now consists of about 25 separate and useable blues. More of the same could be achieved, with a bolster and a lump hammer.


Back on Saturday, later in the morning.


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Anonymous said...

Will there be anyone around on monday? Im heading past so thought I might stop by. Cheers gavin

Bill said...

Sorry, some might be a Cheltenham but nothing planned at Broadway(yet!)