Wednesday 4 September 2013

The Wednesday Gang at Broadway - 4th September 2013

Steve filling, and my embankment brush
cutter efforts in the background...
Well the Broadway Gang were split evenly between Cheltenham and Broadway today, with  8 of us keeping the ball rolling at a sunny Broadway. The main construction activity was filling the hollow blocks with concrete on Platform 2B.

Peter mixing..,

Steve and Peter Quick teamed up and by lunchtime they had filled all the voids as far as  they could. A superb effort on such a sweltering day!

The brick cleaning continued with Mike, Gord and Ian plugging away at the Mythe bricks.

On the 1B embankment Vic was having a weeding session and very tidy it looked.

Down on the viewing Platform Peter T was putting a new picture in the display  - make sure you come along and have a look!

In the afternoon the dumper was used to bring up some Mythe bricks for infill behind Platform 2 - there is one more layer to go before putting the lamppost sockets in.

Finally Fred Lea was a welcome visitor in the morning. Fred's been repainting the original Broadway signal Box sign, which belongs to Andrew Goodman, who is happy to donate it to the BAG for the new Signal Box. It really looked a treat - Fred had done his usual meticulous job on it.

Jo is away at the moment and so you have to put up with my photography, which only goes to show how much I will be pleased when he returns!

Thanks everybody, here and there, today.


Anonymous said...

Your efforts are amazing.

Bolivia Jim

Nigel Black said...

Me thinks young, still alive Mr Dangerous 37215 and not a 31!

Dave Danger in Zim said...

Just about Mt. Black. Got held up by the rozzers south of Bulawayo this morning. Currently in departure lounge at the airport awaiting return flight to Harare.