Saturday 28 September 2013

Saturday 28th September 2013

A cheery group of 17 Volunteers today, and my first Saturday for 3 weeks - I was getting withdrawal symptoms!

The most exciting project of the day was probably the finishing off of the north bound running in board on platform 2A. By no means a straightforward task - tweeks, adjustments, extra coats of paint, - but the end result is fabulous!

The final topping out with the steel finials - not something to drop on your toe. The board will now feature as the backdrop to the Bridges to Broadway Share launch on Monday. If you are wondering about an investment in the GWSR, now is the time - the railway has turned the financial corner and is heading to Broadway. Get your hands on a prospectus and follow the instructions - you won't regret it.

On other fronts today I have to mention the great turnout of brick cleaners. 5 today and all working on the Mythe bricks. I'm not sure how Jo got a picture with all heads bowed - trying to keep up with the sychronised brick laying at Cheltenham!

And talking of brick laying the master(Bob W) and the apprentice(Roger H) were on the 2B wall today and  2 courses went on to the southern end. I tried to slow Bob down by getting him to do the bricklaying standing in a bucket - there was no difference!

The other task of the day was to fill a few potholes in the driveway - not an easy task when there are so many to choose from. Dave B led the charge on this one with JC  on the roller and John B disposing of all the surplus. If its any comfort I noticed a difference driving out.

 Other things were accomplished today, tidying, shifting and weeding and I hope we get some well earned press coverage on Monday!


Toddington Ted said...

That Broadway running in board signifies something of which only dreams were once made. It's now time for us to back up the work already being done by the Broadway Station Restoration team and make sure that the GWSR has sufficient funds to make the way permanent again between Laverton and Broadway. Next Monday is wallet-reaching day! Well done to the Broadway Team, you have done us proud again.

Anonymous said...

Amazing progress and great to see finishing touches starting to appear like running in boards and lamps. Just a note of caution to keep the wolves from the door, perhaps not the wisest thing to post a picture of someone using a workmate bench as an access platform. Not sure Mr HSE would approve. We've all done it, but when someone does fall off, and it generally will happen if you do it often enough, the inevitable inquest goes badly for the railway. Only have to look at Telford Steam Railway for a recent example. Please be safe and you'll all get to see the final result of all this incredible hard work.

Dave said...

Anon must have spotted something I haven't. The workbench etc were used to support the board prior to assembly, not being used to stand on

Anonymous said...

Top picture, see gentleman standing on something adjacent to right-hand post of (superb) Broadway sign!

Bill said...

Just squaring this one away, I would be happy to explain to our HSE representive why this was a safe and risk assessed procedure.

Lets not get distracted from TT's fine comments above which touched a chord with me and all of our volunteers. Onwards......