Wednesday 4 September 2013

Broadway Volunteers at Cheltenham Platform 2

A team of 8 went over to assist in the brick laying on Platform 2. Here is Roger Brindley's report:-

Hi Bill

8 people were on site today, working in glorious sunshine with a 28xx and a class 31 diesel taking it in turns to keep us entertained.

Great progress was made today, even JC was happy and smiling until close of play at 16.30.

Well over 500 hundred bricks were laid and 50 blocks.

A total of 11 mixes of mortar was provided by Paul .

Section 1.
A full course of Reds were laid behind the second level of Corbelling.

The final level of Corbelling was laid by JC  and a course of reds were laid on the back. In order not to disturb the corbelling we decided to leave the remaking course of reds until next week.

Section 2 progress is as follows, 2 courses of Blues were laid by Bob.
The blocking of this section was completed.
A full course of Reds was laid on top of  the blocks.
A second course of single Reds was also laid before we ran out of mortar.

Everyone went home happy and satisfied at the progress made.

Best regards


Thanks to Bob White for the photos from his morning session and very best wishes to his good lady Sue, recovering from an op.

Awaiting the celebratory doughnuts at lunch time!
One of the perks of moonlighting at Cheltenham!


Dave Danger in Zim said...

Which class 31 diesel prey tell ?

Anonymous said...

Shows how BAG leadership, teamwork and experience is benefiting the whole railway. The Board must be impressed.

Anonymous said...

Class 31? You are building the platform at the wrong railway, stop immediately!

Anonymous said...

We had a lot of comment from passengers saying how great the platform build looked and asking how long will it take to complete. Is there anyone out there that would like to give a hand, as the BAG are doing this virtually single handed at the moment (thanks also to Pete from BS & Alan B, also), along with the work at Broadway.

I hope the Board are impressed with the BAG's willingness to go the extra mile for the railway, and the additional organising having to be done by Bob W, John C & Bill.