Wednesday 28 August 2013

Wednesday 28th August 2013 - A record turnout!

Well what a great day! I knew it was going to be a good one when I saw Graham Dykes and Mike Trowman painting the white line on Platform 2. What a great job chaps and what a milestone. Looked at from above, it look a brilliant!

At the northern end of the wall the challenge was set to keep the blocks being laid at a steady rate.  At the end of the session 106 blocks were laid, leaving 42 to go. It was a remarkable effort with a team of six working flat out. At the start of the day more blocks had to be collected from the northern end of the site. These were used up at such a rate that Steve and the JCB had to go to dig out some more. I have to wary of keeping using superlatives but what a great job it was.

Down in the car park area the last of the Mythe bricks were being delivered. Convoys of 5 lorries delivered the last 500 tonnes! Well what an exercise that was - but a little bit of railway history from Tewkesbury will now be incorporated in the platforms at Broadway. As for the walker who opined "what a waste of money" - I will enjoy proving you wrong!

A team of  brick scavengers quickly loaded up the dumper with some reds and they will be in the wall before you know it.

Finally Bravo to the brick cleaners today.

I give my  final thanks to Steve Warren on the JCB. He even managed to get some ballast scraped to go behind Platform 2.


Anonymous said...

Will platform 2 be the same length as platform 1 when the section under construction is completed, and will that be the final length of the platforms for the time being?

Best wishes,

Bill said...

Yes the platforms will be the same length and will be capable of receiving 8 coach trains.
We are hoping that the next building project after that might be the signal box. Oh happy day!

Anonymous said...

I just love to hear these "what a waste of money" statements. They make you so much more determined.

Anonymous said...

The platforms are looking beautiful! Aaron

Anonymous said...

What sort of bricks are you going to use to build the main station buildings with? Pete

Geoff said...

There can't be many large projects in the railway world being run in such a cost effective manner. Keep up the waste of money because I'm looking forward to steaming into broadway soon