Wednesday 21 August 2013

Wednesday 21st August 2013 -Warm and Sunny!

Well what a good turn out day - 20 Volunteers with a lot to be done - it was pretty much non stop!

Where to begin?
Sorting the wheat from the chaff...
Well six brick cleaners were having a crack at cleaning some of the Mythe bricks. Not the easiest of tasks but some real headway was made.

Might need the Hiltie on that one Dave...
 As more Mythe bricks were coming in by the lorry load, a pile of possibles were being reduced to smaller chunks. I know to the uninitiated this seems  a daunting (impossible!) task, but not so - to some degree this is how the 30,000 thousand bricks in the existing wall have been reclaimed - sweat and toil.

Down in the car park area another 16 deliveries of Mythe bricks  (about 400 tonnes)were being delivered and re organised into piles by Steve and the JCB. The hit rate of good bricks is much higher on this latest delivery with the prospect of having many thousand blues for the platform wall.

Steve was non stop and the JCB at its best!

Another thank you to Costains and Smiths for their relentless work.

Never one to write the Blog logically, we move on to the back filling of platform 2. The ballast shifting efforts of Saturday required  levelling and then rolling. Subsequently Rod made a dozen trips with the dumper  to get Mythe brick spoil to place as the next layer of infill.
Before we started using the dumper today it got all its joints greased and a few of us were queuing up for the same treatment! A great job was done and I understand that some ballast was also placed part way as the next layer. It couldn't get better than that.

If you do enough of these you feel the vibration in your arms
the next day...

Well  maybe not better but there was a Herculean effort by Jo and Roger drilling and  resinning in the rebars in platform 2B footings. This will allow the block laying to continue unhindered.

Talking of which Bob W, Clive and Paul laid 41 blocks. This was a remarkable achievement with so many other things  going on around them.

Here for instance Fairview were assisting in getting some pea gravel laid in the French drain behind the wall. This is the great thing about Fairview and their driver Richard - a lot of companies would have dropped the delivery and run. Here help was given that save many hours of laborious work.

And so to other achievement of the day, Roger B lovingly pointed up the 43 slabs recently laid on Platform 2. It's a pains taking job done properly, but so worth while when the white line gets painted. Now where  are Graham and Mike????

Finally thanks to Peter H and Vic for sorting out the old cement mixing area which had become a bit of an eye sore. You wouldn't know it was there now.

Last picture of the day Tony trying to upstage Terry for Mr Cool.

Your never alone with a Strand.....
Sorry I missed Andy Smith from P Way today - I'm a part timer on Wednesdays!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Lots and lots of bricks! Is this enough for the platforms now?
Will you be getting the coping stones of the demolished bridges intact? Aaron.

Bill said...

Yes and yes!