Saturday 31 August 2013

Saturday 31st August and Doughnuts all round!

12 Volunteers on site today to celebrate the good news of the Broadway Station Planning Application being approved. I supplied the doughnuts in lieu of champagne, which will have to wait until we're all in the pub! It was a day for celebration - the BAG have waited a long time for a sign of real progress towards our goal, and this was it.

Today was much like any other, but perhaps with an extra vigour. For instance some 26 dumper loads of infill were brought from south of the Evesham Road Bridge, the actual collection point now being nearer the Childswickham Bridge. John C was on the excavator and Tony B on the dumper. They looked like a couple of coal miners by the end of the day!
Brian, Tony(dumper) and Roger
Roger J and Brian kept levelling the ballast as it arrived. the rear of platform 2 is something of a chasm to fill! But by the close of play 9" of ballast was levelled and rolled for the whole length.

When Roger was not raking ballast or rolling it level he was down the centre drain catch pits, shovelling the silt out.
 What a glamorous life we lead!

Andrew and Roger

Whilst all this was going on, the brick cleaners were keeping up a steady pace. A quick calculation showed that we have now amassed about 12000 cleaned reds and blues, which will see Platform 2B at least 2/3 built.

Down in the car park work has started on extracting good bricks from the Mythe pile.

John B and Vic
And so it was a day of muck and bullets, and time for an enthusiastic chat about things to come.

PS Jo's away on a well earned holiday!

If you feel you can support the Broadway Project  with funds, now is the time to make yourself known to Maxine Hawkins  in  the GWSR Development Department. The Broadway Area Group's dedication and hard work over the past 4 years,  is a  clear indication of our commitment to bringing Broadway  Station back to life,  and  the GWSR's serious intent to get to the Railway to Broadway. We now have Wychavon District Council's planning consent. We just need your help!


Anonymous said...

Great job,


Alex said...

congratulations on getting planning permission, as others have said, I'm glad that the odd potential spanner in the works was overcame. what are the eight conditions? I assume they are something to do with only cutting down certain trees and planting some hedging for screening. is that all or are there others?

Bill said...

All of the conditions can be met without difficulty and include landscaping and tree preservation which we are wholeheartedly behind anyway.
Onwards and upwards!

Alex said...

Glad to hear then. when will building start on was it the signal box first? will you be finishing platform 2b completely or start other work in tandem, if so when? sorry for all the questions, but it's getting very exciting now nothing stands in our way!

richard said...

Bill that is excellent news regarding the planning permission and great reward for all the Broadway team

Bill said...

I will publish a plan when all the issues have been signed off by the Board

Alex said...

I look forward to it, keep up the amazing work!