Saturday 24 August 2013

Saturday 24th August 2013

A small, but beautifully formed, gang of 8 volunteers today. I have to say it was like the Saturdays of old - relaxed and enjoyable.

I'm not sure that Tony and Clive thought it was all that relaxed - they laid 55 concrete blocks, without any labouring support! This leaves 170 to go before the brickwork proper starts. The supply of ready available blocks is getting low, so some more will have to be scavenged northwards.

Brick cleaning continued with Roger H, Robin and Pete K working steadily all day. As I commented to Robin, the piles of cleaned bricks seems to be growing rapidly each week. Asked how many he cleaned in day, he said he deliberately didn't count, just keeps plugging away!

Jo spent much of the day breaking up the larger chunks of Mythe spoil into cleanable bricks. I should have taken a picture of him - its the least I could have done!

My bit of fun for the day was trying to put a new petrol engine in one of the old cement mixers. We've done one and I assumed a second would be a doddle. Not so! Would that drum come off..... no.

However therein lays the challenge and an alternative way was found. I shall enjoy finishing the job off next Saturday when George Forrest has promised to pop over and do a bit of welding....

Finally I was a reluctant poser by this original  Honeybourne Station sign. Alan Bielby brought it over for us to look at, before being stored off site for safe keeping. Tilley (the dog) doesn't seem too impressed!

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