Wednesday 3 July 2013

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Three in a quandary - nice one Jo!
This was a "hard work" day for the 20 Volunteers - not always a lot to show for it, but a great deal  achieved. So where to start?

We had the JCB on site today on a number jobs contributing the imminent move of the mess room portakabin and the lamp huts.

The services (water and electricity) needed to be laid to a point adjacent to the relocated portakabin. This involved digging  a services trench along the top of platform 1. Ducting was installed in the trench with draw strings for the electrics. This task was completed by the end of the day.

On platform 2 the back infill was continued  up to the level of the lamppost electrical ducting.  The first part of the task was to rake the earth forward at the back of the vertical slabs so that there was equal amount of pressure on both sides.

I have said before that this is heavy work, particularly when the dumper seems unrelenting in bringing the next load!

Eventually this was  successfully completed by the end of play.

At the northern end of the site we had Richard and the Farview lorry on site sorting out the next set of coping slabs for platform 2. We are  hoping that there will be enough coping slabs for this section of platform. We need 40+ - fingers crossed!

Here Terry and Rod are creating hardcore from broken copers -  the hard way!

On platform 2 the corbelling brick laying was progressing. Of the 3 course required, 1 is complete, the second 50% completed, leaving 1 to go. It was steady progress today.

Finally three brick cleaners started the task of cleaning the ex Cheltenham Platform 2 bricks - we may go down for another load on Monday.

An update on the the Mythe - Costains have chosen a contractor for the demolition and they will be visiting Broadway in the next 2 weeks to carry out a survey, with a view to starting delivery by the end of the month At last I hear you cry!


andrew said...

In this day of 'health & safety' madness, surprised eye protection was not being worn when breaking up the copers

Bill said...

I would rather the comment was related to all the hard work being put in. Your not seeing the brick cleaners who are wearing goggles and masks, because they are doing the job day in and day out.

Graham said...

Gentlemen surely we can be more positive in the comments we make.These lads all need a pat on the back for what they are doing not to be criticized for using a hose pipe in place of a watering can or forgetting to wear eye protection,when someone takes a picture.This shot could have been posed as they are not actually swinging the hammers.The progress at Broadway is fantastic,they say Rome wasn't built in a day but it would have been if these lads had been there[looking at some of them they may have been]That was meant as a light hearted joke.
Seriously people lets get behind these lads we all like a bit of positive encouragement.
Now about the dumper truck I notice it doesn't have a reversing bleeper
or am I wrong in that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well i can hear the bleeper and i've been looking at the picture for a couple of minutes now.

Well done lads oh sorry thats probably not politically correct either.


andrew said...

Thanks for all the sarcastic replies.
As one who has received an eye injury while breaking rocks I thought it was a valid point.
I have nothing but praise for the work that has been already done.
I am unemployed but have financially supported Broadway a little with what little spare cash I have. I am also a GWR member but shall now be withdrawing my membership.
Good luck for the future

Toddington Ted said...

Unfortunately, Andrew, your 1st post had what might be interpreted as a hint of sarcasm in it as it refers to "health and safety madness" whereas in fact you are strongly supporting the requirement to meet the H&SAW Act. From what I can see, the Broadway rebuilding team takes H&S appropriately seriously and certainly better than many other volunteer organisations. This is, of course, one of the downsides of running such an informative blog; as it can attract all sorts of observations some of which, whilst well-meaning, are, how should we say, "lost slightly in transmission". The recent blurb from anonymous regarding watering flowers with a hose pipe supply being a case in point. I have a location where I would like to stick said pipe but that is not the point, water is precious and the Broadway team has recognised this in their waste water plans. I'm just amazed at the progress the folks are making at Broadway. Let's move forward.

Bill said...

Please do not give up your membership or your support. I know well intentioned words can get the wrong emphasis when read in the cold light of day.
Your support is as valuable to me as any, so please keep following us and good luck with the job hunting.

Anonymous said...

As one of the volunteers in the block breaking photo, I take Andrew's point and will be buying protective goggles to use in future. I can confirm that we do take H&S seriously and would hate for any of my volunteer friends to get injured or worse.

I also hope that you (Andrew) will continue to support our efforts.

Thanks to everyone that does.