Wednesday 31 July 2013

Wednesday 31st July 2013

The A team....
Difficult to believe it's the end of July! It was a very productive day, despite some rain blowing through. There were 16 volunteers on site. The bricklaying team were keen to get on with platform 2B. Having got the chance to view it in its finished state, I do think a 747 could land on it with room to spare.
The A Team... I'm not daft

 And another one......

Behind Platform 2 the 20 dumper loads of ballast left from last Friday were quickly blended in. It then remained for umpteen more to be retrieved from beyond the Evesham Road Bridge .

And another one..... a great panorama in the background

Gord, Peter H and Peter  T..... 
Gord our surveyor in chief spent the day marking out the proposed buildings, which will allow us to accurately describe our plans to the Wychavon Planning Officers.

On other fronts the Transport Company contracted by Costains came along to see the lorry turning/dumping challenges. All was well.

At the other end of the site (about 3 days camel ride) John Crawford was in the mini excavator scratching ballast. We will get Jo a site bike  to allow him to reach the outposts with his camera.

Other pics:-

Hans, Knees and bumps a daisy...

An end of day chat on the ships bridge
( built by John Crawford)


Mark Smith said...

Hi Bill,
Thanks for stopping for a friendly chat this morning when I called in to take a quick look at progress at about 10.30 - so much to see since I was last there a couple of years back! Keep up the good work; I've Paypalled you a donation just now as I had no cash on me today.
All the best
Mark Smith
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs

Ken said...

With regard to JC's "ship's bridge", perhaps a 'modification' might be appropriate?


Coat > Hat > Zimmer Frame > Door.