Saturday 6 July 2013

Saturday 6th July 2013

Doreen and Marguerite seeking shade
 + the Roesenmobile in the back ground
 Difficult to complain about the hot weather when we see so little but the heat was tiring today!  Ten Volunteers generally enjoyed the sunshine, and Marguerite had a nice  selection of visitors to the Shed, and could have charged extra for a sauna.

The main tasks of the day were as follows:-

Painting the mess room (portakabin) prior to its relocation on Platform 1. Ron stuck at this all day and there was very little shade. But it looks a whole lot better than before - particularly the back, which had not been painted before. Ron has promised to come back on Wednesday to finish the job, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him on an early flight back to Hong Kong - one of the long range volunteer commutes!

You have to capture your own handiwork sometimes!

A general tidy up of bricks, rubble and dead branches etc required the dumper in action. Here depositing the much written about broken slabs behind platform 2! Needless to say the cameraman was the  driver......

Further north the corbelling continued and we are now a 150 bricks away from finishing this section of wall. Bob and Clive are here discussing tactics for finishing it off on Wednesday.

Last but never least Robin (the Master) continues to clean the remaining bricks from CRC2.  The last will be gathered and transported tomorrow. There is something of the Obewan Kanobi about Robin -  who predicted that a visit from John the Bridges Balderstone would be followed by Bernard I'll have a coffee Dudfield,   but the fortune telling didn't extend to a rapid follow up by Ivor PWay Dixon.
If the Devil had cast his net..... especially as these visits were preceded by Steve Sperring. the  Trust's Fund Raising Director.

 These visits are always rewarding - they quickly reveal how little I know about our Railway and are always convivial, friendly affairs.

A late entry for the pic of the week . John Baldertone sent me this picture from yesterday which nicely shows the curve on Platform 1 and three volunteers finding a bit of shade for lunch... Cheers John.

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