Wednesday 5 June 2013

Wednesday Gang!

Some volunteers turned up in their Speedos today expecting sunshine - not quite the blazing hot day forecast, but 19 troops were on site, focused on the bricklaying on  platform 2.

 A couple of smiles that we were all pleased to see........
Also 2 teams of brick cleaners were in action, replenishing the stock of reds. I am sure we will have enough to finish this section of wall, and the Mythe bricks will be arriving in 4 weeks.

 Farther down the the line Bob Jones was ploughing a loan furrow with the next section of corbelling. It looks a treat.

On other fronts, Peter Quick put the new floor in the phone box which is now virtually complete, apart from the lighting.
Many other small  tasks were completed also, shelves put up, signs painted, Joyce's bric a brac retrieved from Toddington -  all vital to progress, but beyond Jo's camera....

After tea break this morning we had meeting of minds, to discuss how we could offer some assistance at Cheltenham to get the CRC Platform 2 wall underway without slowing momentum at Broadway. I came away with some ideas and a tentative plan to gives some assistance with bricklaying, until such time as Cheltenham has its own bricklaying resource.

Finally a request from Jo:-

We have been given this regulator for sale, but do not know from which engine (type) it came. Can anyone help?
The shape is very similar to the regulator in the Pannier tank that came. There is one difference though – there is a spring loaded catch at one end, which I have not seen before.
After cleaning, we found two numbers stamped on it:
6062 crossed out, replaced by 6142. The latter was a GWR tank loco, the former does not seem to exist as a number.

Who can say more about it? Any offers to buy it? All proceeds will go to the Broadway project.

Any help gratefully received!


Dan said...

It looks like a LMS regulator, the 8F has a similar one! I believe 6142 was a member of the royal scot class. Here is a link to some info about the engine

Anonymous said...

If its royal scot would it fit a patriot? They need one

Anonymous said...

How many more sections of wall are required to get platform 2 upto its target length once the current section is completed, and how far has it got so far?


Bill said...

When the current section is complete the platform wil be 2/3 complete. 2 more sections, each approximately 35m will be added.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Bill. Wow, I reckon another 70 metres is going to need a lot of bricks. Do you think you'll have enough when the bridge demolition bricks arrive in a few weeks time?


Bill said...

We won't know for sure until we see how well the bricks survive the recovery process. We will keep our fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I recall members of the team being allowed to dismantle, palletise and transport a brick structure at Ashchurch, thus ensuring maximum usefeul recovery of materials. Was that not possible for the Mythe? Many whole bricks are sure to be lost in the initial demolition, then the transport and finally being tipped. In order to reduce breakages will the loads be tipped against a soft bank rather than from a height onto hard level ground?