Saturday 29 June 2013

Saturday 29th June 2013 - a Sunny Day!

There were 10 Volunteers on Site today and we concentrated our efforts on tidying up the relentless growth of weeds around the driveway.

Dumper in Action again!
Part of this initiative was to replace some old fencing on the east side of the drive, where the ancient posts had rotted away. I have to say at the end of the day it all looked well cared for and really quite smart.
John Simms on the mowing

Clive and Roger - Altogether now "A corbelling we will go.."

Clive couldn't keep away from bricklaying however and with Rogers help all the courses on the platform 2 wall were finished and one course of corbelling completed also.

Keith on Brick Cleaning

Three brick cleaners were in attendance and were able to provide a contribution to the bricks stocks for the next section of wall.
John B keeping the flowers watered

It  was one of those enjoyable days when time passed and it was the end of the day before you knew it!
Thanks to the customers who came to see Marguerite's and of course the many visitors who came to see progress from the viewing platform.

A big thank you to BAG Volunteer Vic Smith who came along with his wife Jean to sort out some of  the bric a brac stock from Toddington. It was much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

What a waste of water using the hose to water plants. Why don't you collect the rainwater that falls on the numerous shacks you have around the site and use a watering can to water plants. Plus watering is better done at the end of the day to reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs.That way you can be a bit more environmentally friendly and in the process reduce the money you pay to your water company.

Bill said...

A fair comment - we will see what can be arranged.

Roger said...

No doubt Anon will be first in line to carry the watering cans the 200 yards from the shacks to the flower bed.

Dave B said...

I'm sure we could set up a water collection system if someone would buy us the necessary guttering, downpipes and water butts. Any offers? Anon?

Micky said...

No doubt anon would wish us to stop wasting all the water we allow to evaporate in those big things that pull the trains!

stevebaker70 said...

And the new station canopy should be built with solar panels installed....

Anonymous said...

Environmental issues are important and should be borne in mind. Wasting the earth's valuable resources is reprehensible when there are people and animals suffering in drought conditions. Shame on you.

stevebaker70 said...


you are free to constructively criticise, but you should show your name.

Bill said...

Just to close this thread off, our planning application which is now in with Wychavon CC states that all rainwater from the Station Roof will be collected in water butts for re-use in the most appropriate manner.

Rich said...

Agreed with Bill and Steve on this one. Incidentally, brilliant news bill on the planning application front too, good luck!

Right, back to the brick fronts - How are you doing for Blues? Here in Basingstoke (and i'll direct them towards this page and the main Broadway Station page too), there is a project to create a new cyclepath and crossing cutting into a hillside in the town centre which has ment that a good few bricks (inc blues) will be freed from the ground. The contractors are Dyer & Butler if that's any good to you?