Wednesday 3 July 2013


Dear Supporter,
We are making good progress and much of this is thanks to the generosity of yourselves. However with progress comes expense, and I am once more shamelessly asking for more financial help. This can come in a variety of ways - donations, sponsoring slabs, joining the Friends of Broadway Station, visiting Marguerite's(she loves a chat) or offering an item that we can sell on your behalf on Ebay. What every it might be,  as Tescos say, every little help!
Thank you!


richard said...

Few bob donated Bill

Bill said...

Thank you!

Geoff said...

Are you able to get set up on If so, it might be an extra cash source with minimal effort. Apologies if you've already considered this.

Bill said...

I will follow this up with the Trust who are responsible for national fund raising. Thank you.

Roger said...

Easyfundraising for GWRT has been running for some time and has raised £474.54 to date

Geoff H said...

Can you set yourself up as a charity on eBay, as the trust has done to enable people to sell things on eBay on your behalf

Bill said...

All good suggestions. It is important that we synchronised our efforts with the Trust. However we are very dependant on the 1 off donations to keep us going while bigger initiatives bear fruit. Please continue to help us!
10 bags of cement is £36 and 5 tonnes of sand is £160.