Wednesday 15 May 2013

Wednesday 15th May 2013

It was a pretty gloomy day first thing, with rain in the air and a biting wind. What's happened to Spring? However feint heart never built railways, so 18 volunteers turned out to keep things moving.

The bricklayers continued with Platform 2 and its remarkable what steady progress was made. Here the wall was "vacant" at lunchtime and the next courses of blues with their backing bricks can been seen here in a watery sunshine.

In other areas the electrical cupboards were being spruced up with a coat of paint. At the moment they are in silver - can anyone tell me why some cupboards  on our railway have black tops to them. Just idle curiosity!

Up on Platform 1A a team were rolling a length of the surface for the 7 1/4 gauge loco to run at the Gala weekend. One of the many attractions that will make a trip to see us worth while! As well as the platform surface the driveway embankment behind 1A was further cleared and its looking pretty neat and tidy now.

Tree surgeon Graham Feakin came along to have a look at a couple of the Corsican Pines that look a bit worse for wear.  He will report back with his findings.

Keith Bynam,  John Bannister and Adrian Crees
Last but by no means least we had a visit arranged by Adrian Crees and some of  his P Way chums on the Mid Hants Railway (the Watercress Line) and we had an enjoyable hour exchanging views  and gossip on the trials and tribulations of building and maintaining a Heritage Steam Railway. They seemed pretty impressed with our efforts so far.  They would be happy for some of the BAG volunteers to go down and have a look around their territory. What always amazes me, when talking to volunteers from other railways, is that it is like talking to your own colleagues on the railway - they are all enthusiastic and friendly people and so proud of what they have achieved.

Visit the Watercress Line  at

Jim Hitchen took some pictures for me during the day. Rather than be selective  I have included them all, each tells a story:-
Bricklaying on the next stage of Platform 2

More bricks were required for platform 2
from the cleaned bricks stock!

Peter fills in the bottom of the cupboards
 to keep muck and rodents out

Peter Q sets up the display stand on the viewing platform

Gordon  weeding Platform 1

Jim gets an undercoat on the Cupboards

Dave tackling the weeds on the platform 2 embankment

The bricks arrive for laying on platform 2

One of many dumper loads of weeds heading northwards


Mark Salisbury said...


Have you spoken to Tewkesbury Borough Council? They are going to be demolishing the old embankment opposite the Mythe Waterworks. There are 3 bridges there that could be a useful source of bricks if you need them?

Mark Salisbury

Unknown said...

Being an electrical engineer, I would have thought black was the worst colour for an electrical cupboard roof, better being white.
In hot weather in full sun, I would imagine black could cause excessive heat build up, which could be a problem for the electrics within the box. Probably more to do using a waterproof weather protecting paint.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Spring?

It took the last train outta there.

Hasn't been seen since 1960.

Bill said...

We due to get the Mythe bricks.

Bill said...

Thanks Steve

Anonymous said...

Hi bill, your post says 'even more reasons to visit during the gala. Does this mean there is a vintage bus sevice to broadway from todington during the gala?