Wednesday 8 May 2013

Wedneday 8th May 2013 - a Good Day all round!

21 Volunteers today, and despite some early rain, it all went according to plan.

The  block filling and slab laying continued on Platform 2. The filling was completed and another 80 or so 100mm blocks remain to be laid to complete it.

Red backing bricks were put along the rear of 2 ready for the serious brick laying next week. I cant wait to see those blues going on !

The rapidly approaching Gala Weekend and our own Open Evening has encouraged us to speed up a few jobs to give our visitors some new things to admire. The first of these is our fine North bound Running in Board, which we have temporarily mounted on scaffolding.
In addition we have erected the two platform 2A lampposts, which just need their topcoat of paint. Here is the finished job and what an excellent job was done. A great picture Jo!
Of course bricks were cleaned today, fencing was erected, the site was tidied and all the other necessary house keeping that goes on. Thanks to everyone who came today.

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