Saturday, 25 May 2013

Broadway Area Group Open Evening

What a very successful and enjoyable evening. I will post  a full update over the weekend, but I must say an immediate "thank you" to all those who came on such chilly night and to the  BAG Volunteers who worked so hard to make it a success. A few pics in the meantime:-

5764 in the dappled evening sunshine (yes there was some sunshine!)

John Crawford and Peter Quick juggling the BBQ

Yours truly announces the results of the raffle.

Now where was I?  Broadway duties and a family celebration has kept me away from the keyboard - sorry about that! Rolling the clock back to Friday morning (it seems ages ago), that is when the hard work started. This is the testing time which reveals what you have forgotten. Mudway Marquees had given us a good start, but there still remained the erection of the "cook house" marquee and the gazebo for the band.
 If I can digress for a moment on the subject of the band, the Rambling Boys played all evening and their renditions of Blue Grass and Country music were great. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! This was all down to the good offices of Mike Speake,  BAG volunteer and the leader of the band. Brilliant!

As the morning progressed everything began to take shape and any worries of things forgotten subsided. We even managed a mid morning break in the mess room. By lunchtime all the big jobs were done and the detail had to be added. In everyone's mind was the impending arrival  of 5764.  As Volunteers with steam in our ears and soot up our noses, we were looking forward to seeing this vintage GWR work horse.

Sure enough it arrived on time and Jo took this video to record the happy event.

The Evening
Of course all the hard work only pays off if your anticipated guests and visitors make  it through the rain, hail and bitter winds and support you - and you did, in your hundreds. Even the sun shone as a reward. Thank you!!!
Burgers and hot dogs were consumed with the odd pint of real ales or a glass of red. Raffle tickets were purchased, the weight of the cake contemplated and all in the cause of  the Broadway Volunteers keeping up the good work. Of all the many many people I spoke to the most common theme was the amazement at how far things had come on in the past 12 months and of course the question "how quickly can we finish it off". I didn't know the answer to that, but I know  the project is in good shape and now getting much of the GWSR Board's attention.

One of the centre pieces of out evening was the collection of railway artifacts found in the course of the brick searches at Broadway. But best of all was the picture board/story board pains-takingly put together by Jim Hitchen, with a great set of photos from Jo. We will keep and extend this great record of Broadway. It really is a most interesting presentation of all the hard work that has gone on.

Cleaning 5764 was real joy for those who set to with power washers, buckets and sponges. The loco had been in storage and was in need of a clean. No trouble!
Another snippet of history with many people interested in the newly refurbished phone box and the Routemaster in the background.

Finally thanks to you once again - and to those that missed it, for whatever reason, I hope you will be able to attend the next one and I need to speak to someone about ordering up the sunshine!

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richard said...

Excellent evening Bill, it was great to talk to a couple of the volunteers at Broadway and to see at first hand the fantastic progress. When I have sorted my 2 days worth of photos I will send you some the evening I took