Monday 20 May 2013

A Monday Bricklaying Special

The Bricklaying Gang were on site today  continuing with Platform 2.
This is Bob White's summing up of a very successful day:-
The Monday Gang
Five volunteers turned up today. Tony, Keith, Jo, Paul and myself. A good day's bricklaying was had with courses 6 and 7 blues completed on the first section, only 2 more courses and it will be ready for corbelling. Course 6 of blues on the second section and courses 2 and 3 were completed and 2 courses of reds were laid along sections 2 and 3. About 450 bricks in total. Tony and myself were bricklaying, Paul was in charge of the mixer and Jo and Keith spent most of the day bringing more red bricks up and stacking them at the back of the wall ready for use.

Paul and Tony

A number of visitors came to have a look and a chat. 

My only concern (which is a good one to have!) is that we are using red bricks at a rate such that we will run out soon. I am hoping the Mythe delivery is on the near horizon - or look out Taunton here we come!
Jo and Keith (right) spent a lot of time keeping the supply line topped up, which means we can keep going for a few more weeks.
Jo sent through his usual cross section of photos and they're too good to miss.
Master Mixer Paul
Keith on a well earned break
What a great shot from 1A across to 2A


Anonymous said...

If you are going back to the South-West, this might be of interest.

The replacement of the station footbridge at Highbridge and Burnham will mean the removal of some spear fencing and GWR 'square with ball on top' gate posts.


Bill said...

Thanks for the tip!

Garry said...

Just a heads up, NIDR in Taunton has been given the green light. There has been a lot of undergrowth clearance in the last 2 weeks that has revealed 'all' the available spear fencing. Site is now handed overm but I'm sure that the new contractor could be approached.

PS - Broadway site is coming on so quickly. Looks first class.

Anonymous said...

now that Travis Perkins is closing/relocating on the Gloucester Road, Cheltenham. Will the new owners need the GWR spear fencing and GWR gates!? Maybe its something you could salvage!? Also as I mentioned before there is a load of Victorian red bricks in St Mary's Churchyard (Town centre)